A fancy event.

I turn up to the wedding at 7:30pm after spending £15 on a taxi to get there. I thought id wear my fancy coat, a long grey jacket, like something from an old gangster movie staring James Cagney. I’m already a little drunk after downing 6 cans before leaving for the event. I make my way through a hall way and push open the large wooden door which is covered in the typical white balloons and fancy strings and velvet cloth. I look around the room at the see of table and I don’t know anybody, I only know some of the guests that are attending and I can’t see them. I don’t know the bride or groom and they don’t know me. I scan the scene as best I can for the table of friends, I can hear the music and I can see disco lights blaring out flashing out as people I don’t even recognize dance to Aerosmith. I see the group of friends waving in the corner and it’s the people that I know so I make my way around tables full of unknown faces as they stare at me and I try to avoid eye contact as best as I can as I dash and doge my way through tables. I’m greeted like a lost soul as I make it to the table and sit down. I take my coat off and I’m handed a glass of beer, all the champagne as been drank at this point and everyone at the table has a glassy stare like me. “This music is shit, why don’t they play something else” a friend says and I say “I like this music, it’s bloody Aerosmith, it’s wedding music, kind of”
“Well, it’s shit and stupid”
“People are dancing”
“Well, still shit, don’t matter if people are dancing when it’s shit”.
The conversation changes from the music as a face I don’t recognize brings up the EU referendum and how things will change for the better now we are out. I don’t even know what happened during the wedding and the first thing I have to talk about the EU mess.
She says her name is Christine, she says “We can control the borders alot better now we are out, we got out at the right time” all I can do Is an awkward laugh like a child pretending to get a rude joke, “we will be better off” she continued. My friend next to me puts his view on the situation in “I don’t really care, I couldn’t give a shit, it don’t make sense to me, I hate all these politicians, I don’t like them”.
The conversation was cut short for a couple of minutes as a friend from work, Rob, pissed as all hell came over to the table with a shot for me. He banged the shot on the table and said “There ya go dude”. I took the shot back like a good friend and said Thanks. “Hey where did you get that jacket from, I want one” he said. “I got last year, I don’t remember the shop I got it from”
“It’s a nice jacket dude, I’m gonna have a look for one”. Rob stumbles back and I grab his arm “I’ve had too much to drink” he said “We were talking about the EU before you came over” I said “oh that shit, I can’t be arsed with that, Boris Jonson will be the president in October”. Then he stumbles back again and walks off towards his own table. Catherine gets up from out table and walks towards the dance floor. My friend Chris who sitting next to me says “I hate all this EU bollocks, I just can’t be doing with it, shall we go for a smoke and leave all these lot to it, I think they all want to go up and dance now anyway”
“Yeah, ok lets go outside for abit”.
 We make our way outside and stand by the wall in as the sun goes down over the horizon. Chris puts his back to the wall and lights up a cigar as I stand looking at the sun with a glass of beer in my hand. We just stand in silence and look around at the surroundings until out of nowhere the nowhere the sound of roaring engines rises up like the sound of Godzilla waking up in the morning. Motorbikes come roaring past, too many to count on both hands. The roar past like spitfires, 12, 13, 14, 15 bikes and more. Leather jackets and long haired men riding like the Angels. Only Hunter Thompson is missing from the line up of outlaw types. Both Chris and I look at each other as they ride off into the sun and I say “Well who would have thought we would be at a wedding arguing about the EU and then come outside and see a load of blokes in what looks like a biker gang ride by into the sun set” Chris just shugs his shoulders and we make our way back inside as everyone on the dance floor dances to the Rolling Stones. I sit down at the table and Catherine turns to me and says “What about the damn borders?”

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