Sunstroke and seagulls…

It’s the height of the summer and me and my girlfriend walk along the high street in the center of the seaside town of Lowestoft as the sun shines on down and surrounded by seagulls the size of fruit bats and screeching like cats falling off a bridge. We walk by shops of all kinds, clothes shops, toy shops and gadget shops. Bike shops, electronic shops and phone shops and pound shops. We walk part 3 clothes shops in a row and see signs saying “closing down sale, 25% off of everything in store”. All down the high street shops every where saying closing down sale, new owners soon even the MacDonald’s on the corner is closing down at the end of the month.
We walk into one shop, a sweet and American candy shop nearer to the sea front and over hear an older couple talking to the cashier. The cashier tells them that six shops around here will be closing in the next two months.
I turn to Sarah my girlfriend “Pick those up, those weird looking frog things, the red ones”
“These ones”
“Yeah, those”
We walk up to the till and pay for the little red frogs and before we leave the little old ladies stop and one of them with big grey hair and big long red dress and tanned skin says “you live here or you on holiday”
“We are on holiday” says my girlfriend”
“Sorry all the shops are closing, that’s why we voted for those UKIP people, they will keep them open”
“Well thank you”
And we both left as quickly as we can and headed towards the arcades before we get a lecture about right wing politics.
We walk through the blazing sun dodging all the fruit bats flying above us looking for food and we go into the arcade on the south pier. I walk through the doors and the ever familiar sound of arcade games hit me and memories fill my head. The 2p machine on the left and the crane game on the right. The funny sounds and noises that don’t make sense and the weird names like surfer push and panic pull. And everywhere I look I see Minions, this little yellow blob thing with a smiley face with a different costume on. Soldier, Baby, Rock Star some even carry bananas. When I was young it was just dogs and cats and the odd Homer Simpson now it’s these little yellow creatures and still the odd dog and cat here and there.
We walk towards the crane machine near the back of the arcade passing by all the bike games and shoot em up games, this one has teddy bears in with £5 notes attached to it’s chest. I start, it’ £1 ago and you get five goes at it. I try and try and nothing, it pick it up and drops it like a damp sock back onto the cotton top that is lays on and the stupid music of plays over it. Patronizing you through song.
£10 in and I’m still trying, my girlfriend has given up watching me and has walked off towards a bingo game but I stick at it and put another £5 into the machine and still nothing. £15 and I’ve not achieved anything. The bear just lays at the bottom on the cotton top and the crane hangs above swinging like it just don’t care and the patronizing music plays on as I walk away with a glum face. I just feel like punching the thing.
As I’m walking away my girlfriend comes over and I tell her I tried to win a teddy but I didn’t work, so she gives it ago. She puts £1 in like me and on her third try she picks it up and drops into the hole and she’s won. On £1. I shift through my pocket and find £5 where there was once £20 and she runs off with a teddy and £5 winnings and out of the arcade and I follow with disappointment.
We leave the arcade and head towards the beach picking up five doughnuts and the traditional seaside rock and we hang about the beach for a while. The beach is covered in rocks and stones and going bear foot the hot stones as the sun blazes on down over them would be like walking over a volcano.
The sun becomes too much and we run for the bus while finishing off our doughnuts and dodging the screeching bastard birds over head looking to snatch one of them out of our hand.
We make it back to the caravan and I had for the sink and splash cold water over my face and then I go and lay down on the bed and drift off into a deep sleep for a few hours and recover from the walking, birds, shops and arcade disappointment.
When I wake up I’m soaked with sweat, my mouth feels like a dried up leaf and my head like it is being pounded by irons rods. I keep going cold as well but I’m dripping with sweat. I run to the living room and ask my girlfriend for some tablets because I think I’m going to die right now. “Shall we go to the zoo in abit?” She says “the zoo, I feel like I’m dying here”
“You’re probably getting a cold”
“It don’t feel like any cold I’ve ever had before”.
I check online to see if I’m coming down with a cold or flu, it just doesn’t feel like any of them so I have to make sure. I put in the symptoms. I’m covered in sweat, I keep having hot moments and colds and my mouth is dry. The first thing that comes up is sunstroke and I know about this, it can kill you. So I tell my girlfriend I think I have sunstroke and I pour myself a cold drink and jump in the shower and turn to the tap to cold and the water hits my like a thousand knives and I feel like I’m going to collapse but I fight through it.
When I leave he shower my girlfriend looks at my back “You know, your whole neck is red”
“that’s probably why I have sunstroke”
She feels my neck “It’s so bloody hot.. You sure you don’t want to go to zoo?”
“Are there any meerkat’s?”
“Maybe tomorrow, I’m gonna go for a lie down my head is going to fall off”
I walk into the bedroom and collapse onto the bed and drift back into a deep sleep as my skin pours with sweat.

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