Just a little dinner party.

We turn up around 3pm at Andy’s flat for his dinner party, I’m carrying a large crate of booze and a bottle of wine. I knock on the door to find Andy in a comedy style apron, It’s got the picture of a muscular body and it’s something Andy doesn’t have. We walk through his front door to find around 10 people sitting around on the floor starving and already drunk and talking, foo fighters play low in the back ground as they sit around in a circle like school children waiting for the teach to walk in. We take a seat on the sofa near doors that lead on to a small balcony. I only know two of the people sitting on the floor and I say hello to them and introduce them to my girlfriend and then we both listen in to the conversation taking place. A guy sitting to my right introduced himself “I’m Steve”
“I’m Steve too”
“Well at least we have something in common”
Steve then starts to continue a conversation about music he says to the group on the floor “One direction can do what they want and anybody who doesn’t like them don’t have to listen to them. A girl at the back shouts up “I bloody love one direction” Andy from the kitchen then shouts in “Get out of my flat now Kate” and she replies “Of, fuck off Andy and cook your spuds”.
Steve looks up at me and says “lets go to the balcony so I can have a smoke before it gets heated in here, I can be bothered to argue about One direction”. I turn to my girlfriend and say “ill be back in a minute, this guy wants to make friends” so I get up and walk through the balcony doors and stand looking over the car park as Steve lights his cigarette. Steve turns to me and says “do you like music?”
“Well I’m in a band so I have to”
“Any favourite types of music?”
“I love the Beatles and hell of a lot of folk music”
“That’s interesting”
“I don’t really mind what type of music, I’ll listen to anything”
“But not Justin Bieber though?”
“No, that’s not my thing, I don’t care for him, but I’m not going to stand around attacking him, he can do whatever the hell he wants to do”.
“I’ve always thought the same thing”.
Steve finishes his cigarette and we head back inside and sit back down. The conversation has now changed to Rhianna. Kate has now started a major rant about how Rhianna is ruining music. “YOU KNOW SHE CAN’T SING AND SHES BORING LIVE AND I WISH PEOPLE WOULD LISTEN TO REAL MUSIC AND REAL ARTISTS” she says and then turns to her friends Billy and he just looks at her and says “you’ve drank too much”
“No I haven’t, I haven’t had enough”.
Steve then buts in and says to Kate “How can you say what good music is and what’s real music and who real artists are? The way people feel about Rhianna, Justin Bieber and One Direction feel the same way you do about the bands and singers you like. And in turn they for some reason have same hatred you do for the artists you love. Can’t you just enjoy it and let singers and bands do what ever the fuck they want and make the music the way they want to.”
“But Steve they suck”
“So does everything Kate”.
Andy calls me and my girlfriend over, so we walk over to him and he hands us our drinks and says “Are they still arguing in there?”
“Yeah they are”.
My girlfriend says “I actually like One Direction and Justin Bieber”.
Me and Andy laugh and then Andy says to us “You know while I’ve been making this roast dinner I’ve been thinking that Justin Bieber might be the new Elvis. Who pissed off people in the 50’s more than Elvis. Justin Bieber goes around dancing and shaking all over and all the girls faint and all the smart people sneer at it just like they did with Elvis. Elvis stood up and stage and made girls burst with screams and would faint before him and he was called the devil and now Justin Bieber is the same. In 50 years time the way smart music fans who love Elvis and The Beatles now will see Justin Bieber and One Direction the same and none of us will ever understand why and that’s ok”.
“It’s a good thing”
“It’s a great thing Steve, any musician or singer that pisses off smart music fans just shows you how institutionalized music fans and even movie fans can be”.
“I don’t like Justin Bieber though”
“Neither do I, I think he’s dog shit but if I was the age I am now and It was 1956 and chuck berry came on id probably say the same thing about him and say where the fuck is Frank Sinatra, he’s a real singer”.
We make our way back into the living to find the argument still going on, this time the arguments attention has turned towards the X Factor and then Andy from the other room shouts “DINNER IS NEARLY READY SO SHUT THE FUCK UP ARGUING ABOUT MUSIC AND X FACTOR AND WHOS BETTER, ALL I CARE FOR RIGHT NOW IS IF ANYONE OF YOU SHITES LIKE MY ROAST SPUDS”.

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