Pink Dress 2

Standing at the bar in a dump of a club and I feel
tap on the shoulder. tap, tap, tap like the drip
from the sink tap.

I ignore the tapping and continue staring forward,
waiting to be served.

After some time the tapping ends, my Ignorance
of the never ending tapping Has worked but wait I
now feel a hand stroking my back, up and down,
softly and gently so i turn around and it’s her, the
girl in the pink dress now in a black dress.

I laugh at the sight of her, she’s just how I remembered,
she still has the curves, she still has the boobs
and I didn’t have drunk eyes after all.

And she remembers me and says she wants to stay
with me tonight, walk around me and hold my hand

So we do, we dance, we chat and we dance some
More And we buy drink after drink, this girl can
drink like a champion and this time in my drunken
haze I maze the move on her, I plant a wet one across
her mouth this time.

Somewhere in my head I think she will pull away
but she doesn’t, and it lasts even longer than the last
time, I hear fighting all around me people shouting
and swearing at other but we don’t stop, we just let
the world go by.

But the night had to come too an end, it was now
home time, she finds herself a cab and she climbs
inside she turns around blows me a kiss and releases
a smile and says I’ll see you again, and I say you
will see me again and she drives off in her black cab
and looks out of the back of window smiling as makes
her way in the dark of night.

The best thing of all is I now remember her name,
but I do have a thought in my head, if I see
her again, if I find her and take her out I
really hope she doesn’t mind me writing about


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