Pokémon Go!

It’s turned into the hottest day of the year, that’s what all the weather reports are saying anyway. The sun is blazing hot and hovering over me like a vacuum, it’s heat pulling me in. I’m walking down the street with my phone in my hand searching for music and that’s when a group of about 6 lads all wearing white vests, shorts (one blue, one green, one black, one green, one white and one yellow) and baseball caps, all white caps, come running up to me. “Hey” The one in the blue shorts says carrying his phone in his hand “have you found a Weedle?”
“What the hell is a Weedle? I’m looking for music on my phone”
“So you’re not playing Pokémon Go?
“No, I’m looking for music”.
The lad in the yellow shorts ask “Have you even heard of Pokémon?”
“I’m 26, I’ve heard of Pokémon”.
Out of nowhere the one in the green shorts shouts “shit, I’ve found a Koffing, all we need to do is run down that street and into the Sainsbury’s”.
And they take off and the one in the blue shorts says “you can help us find it”. So I join them in the hunt for the Pokémon. We run down the street dodging people with shopping bags, ladies with prams and old men with dogs and we run into the Sainsbury’s in search of this thing called a Koffing.
The kid in the black shorts yells “I think it’s over there, in the fruit and veg aisle”. So we run down to the fruit and veg aisle, running past cooked meat and frozen foods in search of the Pokémon.
When we get there we can’t find anything, no one is picking up anything on their phones and I’m standing with them thinking what the hell am I doing?. The one in the green shorts finally spots something “It’s over there” he shouts and we go running over to the fresh fish counter and they all look and it’s there, the Koffing, this little purple fat floating alien like creature. The one in the yellow shorts say’s “I’ve already got one of them so you can have it Jake. Jake turns out to be the one in the black shorts. So he stands near the cod and fires a little red and white ball and captures and they all cheer.We start to leave Sainsbury’s but before we do I look around at the store and see about 12 people all eyes glued to their phones, all playing the same game.
Jake says thank you for helping (even though I did nothing of the sort) and the rainbow Pokémon kidnapers leave the shop and leave me alone in the shop looking around at all the other players.

I stay in the shop and look for my own prize, a couple of beers. I walk over to the alcohol sections and grab a pack for Carling’s and walk over to the counter and stand behind a man my age playing on his phone and he’s playing Pokémon go… A guy my age playing the game.
I get my beer and I leave, walking closely to the guy and I spot that he’s caught a Pidgey, this bird thing.
I walk away from the guy and make my home. I pull out my phone and start searching for music again and I can’t find a thing. I start getting updates saying I need to update my Simpsons tapped out game, a game I haven’t played for over 2 years and I don’t think anybody else has. So I think it’s time I delete it.
That’s when someone taps me on my shoulder and it’s the man from Sainsbury’s and he says “are you playing Pokémon go..?”.
“No, no I’m not” and I just walk away from him and I decide to just put my phone in my pocket and Ignore the vibrations the phone makes and I just walk towards a record shop in search of music. And that’s when I see it, on a sign near the record shop. “Pokémon Go meet up here at 7:00pm”. And I notice two lads walking along a wall with their phones in their hands one them shouting “It’s over there, I think it’s over there” and they both towards the sign and they stand and look up and high five each other and they start to wait. It’s 4:30pm. They just stand under the sign and wait as I walk into the record shop. When I leave a notice the shop 15 minutes  with nothing in my hands but the beers that I bought early , I notice that the meet up place for game as garnered a large crowd, around 30 people have joined the two lads creating what looks like a mass protest movement against fast food. They are all dressed like Occupy wall street activists, but they’re not protesting, they are searching for a Pokémon and not for a better social system. I walk over to the crowd and make my way through and hear that an argument has started. A Pokémon has been spotted and the crowd of 30 are now in a full fledged battle to capture it. One kid wearing a Pokémon t-shit turns to his friend and says “I’m not fucking leaving until I find it”. Someone at the edge of the crowd shouts “I’ve found the bastard it’s over there, it’s near the maccies”. And that’s when the crowd rush and run over to a bus stop near a McDonalds. They surround the entrance to it as people try to leave in fear of the large crowd. People trying to enter change their minds and walk away in confusion. I decide to leave the gang of people to it and I start to walk away. Walking past a homeless man looking on the floor for something and then I hear a massive round of boos coming from near the McDonalds and I give the homeless man £5 and I make my way home.


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