Pink Dress 3.

I searched all around the interwebs for
her, everywhere I could search I looked,
she said she wanted to see me again and
I want to see her again, the girl in the
pink dress.

Then I see it, or her in a picture right in
front of me, it was hidden under my nose
the whole time and I didn’t even notice,
but there she is the girl in a pink dress
in a black dress in a picture on a social
media site.

With Jake Bugg singing about love and
romance in the background I click on
her name at the side of the page.
Click and moments later I see that
she’s accepted just as Jake Bugg starts
singing about lightning bolts.

But do I have the nuts to message the
girl in the pink dress? Would she even
care enough to reply if I said hello, would
she really remember.

Think, think, think.
Forget the sun shining on your hungover
face and message the girl.
That’s what I tell my self.
Think, think, think… Just do it.
Don’t let the car honking his horn distract
You, don’t let that screaming girl
Stop you from doing this.

But I’ll wait instead, I’ll sit and see what
happens, I’ll let a week of work go by or I
might even just wait to see if she’s in that
dump of a nightclub again a new colour of

Then a light appears at the top of the blue
screen, that all so inspiring red glow with the
number 1 on it, I click it and it’s her with a

“Hello, It’s really nice to have met you…”


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