It’s all about the music

Just like when certain drinks suit the occasion I find that bands like The Verve and Roxy Music and maybe even Pink Floyd have created the perfect forms of music to sit down and write to. There is nothing gritty or challenging about it, it’s is, it cools down the nerves so you can sit back and type away some bullshit story or poem. If I put the Doors or the Stones or T-Rex on I might find myself wanting to put sun glasses on and grabbing the JD out from underneath the bed and downing the whole lot of it and then paint myself in multi coloured dayglow paint and run around calling myself wheat.

I need to sit down to write, so you know something slow and some what important like Roxy Music or The Verve or Pink Floyd, well some of Pink Floyd anyway and a small glass of Captain Morgan’s rum at the side of me helps a lot.

I even find that there are types of music you can only really listen to in the morning, or the afternoon, the evening and before bed aswell. You are not going to listening to techno and party anthems when you cook dinner and try to get sleep after a long days write are you? I’m not sure that would work, it just wouldn’t be right.

Morning, you wake up and open the fridge looking a cold drink and you put the Beatles or Elvis or electric Dylan, something to wake you up in the morning and get you right for the day.

Afternoon, find yourself sitting around, overloaded with work the only that can help is a little Ramones or Pistols or Iggy, just to keep everything focused and right.

Evening, after a long day you sit down for the evening meal and you hit play on the stereo and you put The Pogues or Nirvana or The Who. Your days over, its time to enjoy yourself, crack open the beer.

Night time and it’s bed time. What ever time you drag yourself to bed Tom Waits will be waiting when you put your head down on the pillow and maybe a little Leonard Cohen for the romantics out there.

The weather is the most interesting. It’s a sunny day and a nice round of Oasis and Stone Roses can help. But if it’s raining, The Doors or Metallica can keep you dry.

The weekend is where everything all comes out. Throw everything on the table. You want rock and roll? Here’s some Zeppelin, Motorhead, Thin Lizzy and Slipknot. Want pop, hip-hop?, here’s some Michael Jackson and Eminem. Sitting down and drink Guinness? what about the Dubliners and The Clancy Brothers.

The record has now stopped.



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