Pink Dress 4.

So I lay on the bed with the wind
blowing in through the window,
the sound of John and Paul in the
background and the girl in the
pink dress now in a nighty walks
through the door.

She just looks at me, looks right
through me as I lay on the bed in
my world of Beatles music and air.

And she hands me a beer and a
glass and smiles it to me
“here you go, love”.

I pour my beer into the glass while
watching her fold her clothes, and I
just watch and I watch and I watch.

I can’t hear the music or feel the
wind on my neck anymore, everything
just stops.
It wasn’t long ago that she was
wearing a pink dress and pulling
my face close to hers, now she’s
handing me beer in her nighty.

It’s alright now, you can relax,
every things gonna be fine, John
Lennon is shouting about twisting,
I’ve got a beer and a girl in a pink
dress is standing there.

Shit, Jeremy Corbyn is the leader
of the labour party.


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