I’ve forgot.

I’d hate to wake up one morning and put The Beatles or the Rolling Stones on and someone ask me, “who’s that?”
I put Little Richard’s greatest hits album on the other day at work, I put it high so it wasn’t drowned out by the noise of the machines and a work colleague tapped me on the shoulder and asked me who it was. I just looked at him and in my head I thought it’s already started, they’re already being forgotten.

At school Arctic Monkeys and Keiser Chiefs where two the top bands around and now they’re moved from new music to something different. They’re not new bands anymore, they’re over ten years old and have released 5 or 6 albums each. They have made a career for themselves. When will someone tap me on the shoulder when I’m listening to one of them and say “Who are they, they sound weird” I’ll have to explain who they are and where they come from and what music they have made.
Slipknot, Dolly, Oasis, Spice Girls, who’s next to be on the list of bands and artists to be forgotten by the modern world?

Don’t let them be forgotten.


I was watching t.v the other day and a man called Chesney Hawkes was on. He was talking about his top ten hit from the 90’s and I just didn’t know who he was and I thought it’s happened to me now, I don’t know who this person is, or at least id forgot about him. They played his famous song and I barely remembered it, it did make my brain ring and I said to myself “I think I have heard this song before, It does ring a bell”.
(Who the hell is Kesha?)

I just couldn’t let it go, it had happened to me, id forgotten someone. I knew that one day it would happen and it was this guy Chesney that i’d forgotten about or just didn’t know.
Chesney wasn’t exactly the biggest star in the world at the time he came out and neither is he now. He’s no Mick Jagger. But he had a huge hit and I could barely remember the song he did and I didn’t remember him at all. Apparently he’s the one and only.

Who will be the next one I forget? And will I have to keep explaining to people who Robert Plant is? I hope it can just end with Chesney Hawkes and I hope that’s not the beginning of things to come.

I’d hate if I went into a university and asked one of the students if they had any Captain Beefheart and have them look at me like I’ve just farted and then have the professor tap me on the shoulder and say “I’ve got some Beefheart”.

Don’t forget Captain Beefheart.


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