Saxophone man

“Shut that fucking saxophone up,
or ill come down there and kill you,
i will end you mother fucker, I will
end you”.
That’s the noise I hear coming down
the street while standing outside the
taxi rank.

“I will kill you if you don’t shut that
fucking saxophone up”
shouts a man out of a flat window down
at a small man with a flat cap, long
brown coat and holding a saxophone.

“Fuck off, I will kill you”
the saxophone man just stands in the street
and looks up a the sky as the man
from the flat continues his barrage of
death threats and anger, as the music
from the night clubs next door play their
loud techo music.

“Everyday I fucking hear your
saxophone, but no more, I will end
you so fuck off”
the saxophone player just stands with
his arms around his instrument and
does nothing.

A group of young kids in smart shirts
walk by and look up at the crazy man,
people from the taxi rank look down
the street and my taxi pulls up.

The man continues to shout, but
it’s time to leave I wonder what the
news will say tomorrow.


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