Fire on the Island.

I’m laying on the bed in my room nursing a sore head, I spent most of last night dancing and mosh pitting in a nightclub and downing plenty of triple vodka and Vimto’s. I’m watching Jack Nicholson fall into a tank full of green liquid and that’s when I hear the sound of a fire engine go by my house, bright colours of blue lights flash on my bedroom wall like the blue of the ocean. It makes my head ring, the sound sends waves of noise through my brain making it rattle and it bangs against my skull.
I pull myself up while holding my eyes and I go to the window and open the curtains to see what the hell is going on.  A fire engine and 3 police cars have parked up on the roundabout island at the corner of the street and a large crowd has gathered near by. People in white vest and blue shorts, kids on bikes and men in Leicester City FC shirts standing around. People put Coronation Street on pause and come out their homes and stand on the front lawn, leaning on the their fences to catch a glimpse of the fire engine on the corner of the street.

A white van is on fire, yellow and orange flames shoot out the front window and black smoke comes out of the back of it. The firemen move quickly and get out the hose to put out the fire. When they start to spray the van with water a small cheer from the crowd echoes out and kids on their bikes pull wheelies down the street in excitement with what’s happening. The kids were just getting ready for a football game on the park and everyone was sitting down to watch Corrie but somethings happening that they all want to see and get out of their homes for.
The firemen seem to have trouble putting the fire out as a the fire now spreads underneath the van and then a small explosion crackles out from the back and it sends the crowd scattering around the estaste. Kids drop their bikes and run for cover in peoples gardens, people in the gardens run back in home and men in football shirts run onto the park. The firemen and the police run to their vehicles as the flames grow and shoot out the back of the van and underneath. Small patches of flames spread across the island and into the trees. The firemen rush and put the small patches out and then return to the van. The kids, the men return to the scene, this time at a safe distance and the people in houses come back out to take their place at the fence to continue their viewing of the event unfolding.

A girl on her phone walks by my house and stops to watch the flaming van burn and I overhear what she says “O.M.G Craig, a fucking van has just bloody exploded in front of me. A fucking fire engine is trying to put it out and it’s bloody exploded. I was walking down the street playing Pokémon Go and all I heard was this shitting loud bang and I could see smoke coming over the house yeah and i’m standing on the street looking at this fucking van on fire and loads of people are standing around it”. She missed half of the excitement, she walked into the event like turning up late to a movie, you’re not going to get the full experience if you turn up late to the cinema. You might aswell just leave. And that’s what she does, she puts he phone and walks on by, taking small glances at the burning van as she walks away.

After about an hour the firemen finally put the fire out and they leave. The police put tape around the remains of the van to block it off from people interfering with the crime scene and a group of around 4 police officers stand by and tell people interested in the situation to walk away and go back home “there is nothing to see”. I walk down stairs to see my dad on the front at the fence speaking to one of the neighbours. I hear what’s being said “I heard this bloody big skid and a crash and blokes shouting and then I hear a window smash. I come outside and see the bloody van on the island and smoke coming from the front of it, and then flames started to pop out, right where the window used to be. I was speaking to Viola and she said she saw 3 lads running across the park, they got out the van and smashed the front window and poured something in it and set it on bloody fire” says the neighbour “I couldn’t believe it, I just finished watching a film bored as hell and then all this happens, they all need stringing up the lot of em”.
“I know they do, they wont catch the bastards though I bet, they better not go after my tomatoes if they don’t, i’ll av’ the little bleeders” says my dad with a stern snarl.
“Ill see you later mate” says my neighbour
“See you in abit Pal” and my dad comes walking in and repeats what I heard and says to me “The lot of em need ringing up around their necks”.

The next morning I look out of the window and the van has gone. All that’s left on the green of the island is a black circle where the van once burned and black patches sit around the island. Neighbours walk over to the island to take a view of the scene and talk about what happened the day before. They stand and chat while holding shopping bags, laughing while talking about the events that unfolded yesterday evening. The kids that rode around on bikes come peddling over to the island and ride over the black spots that sit on the grass and they point and laugh and ride away.
A police man with a clipboard walks down the street knocking on doors asking questions about the fire. He goes over to the people that crowd around the black patches and asks them if they know anything. He comes over to my house and knocks on the door.


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