Mad Mile

Driving down the mad mile and
the traffic starts to slow down and
I can see the smoke flowing up
into the sky, the sound of fire engines
and police cars and ambulances coming
from all directions.

I look to my left and my right and I
can see the other drivers chattering
away, all wondering what is going on,
we all know, every single one us knows
it’s a crash and all of us want to see
it, all of us want to see what has

We move closer and I can see the
excitement on the faces of the other
drivers next to me, every inch we move
the feeling of adventure goes through
their minds.

We move closer and that’s when we
see it, a tiny blue car has smashed
itself around the traffic lights, the front
has gone, the window has vanished and
the smoke that flows into the heavens
is pouring out from underneath like
dry ice.

I can see an arm hanging out the
back of the car, out of what is left
of the back door and a leg coming
from underneath but I can’t see
anybody else in the car, I can only
see an arm and a leg.

I can see blood dripping from the
shoe, a pink shoe a trainer, this person must
be a girl.

I don’t know her name.

Police are waving everyone through
and telling us move on, nothing to
see, but there is everything to see.

But we drive on and I can see the other
drivers in the cars next to us get the
sense of belonging flow through them
like the smoke from the car, they have
had their fix for the day something they
need to get them through.

All It took was to see a crash and a dead
body on the way to work and it gives
them that need.

What was the girls name in the


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