Clock tower

That’s where we would meet, the clock tower.
We would stand around it like lost souls,
We would smoke and we would look for the nearest
Person willing to nip into the offy to get us
Some cider and see if we can drink it around
The clock without getting caught.

The time would fly by and the sun would go
Down and we wouldn’t care, the shops would close
Around us one by one and we wouldn’t notice it.
Nothing interesting was happening around us, it just
Went by us like a daze.

We just stood at the clock and zoned out into
Our own world and nobody was invited apart
From us at that moment.


I walked by it the other day and saw a group
Of lads standing around the tower, smoking and
Chatting and the sun was dropping behind me
And the shops were closing all around.

They seem distant and not aware of me being
Near them and watching them, they are gone
And they are some lost souls.

Nike shoes and hoods.
Skateboards and bikes.

Lost groups standing around a clock tower
That has been around longer than they have.

I’ve been around longer than they have.


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