It’s a wall

You can have your setting in
the background
your music, movies and images
on your
but it can hit you like a ton a
bricks and it can stop you
from feeding your ideas down
down on paper.

It can block you off for months,
If feels like a rubber band wrapped
around your waist and it’s
pulling you back and it can only
get tighter and tighter.

And then snap, crack it breaks
and those words can spill out like
a wall breaking in a flood and
everyone better watch out because
it’s coming.

The wall Is now down again.



This is fake blog and the character Ste Harris is entirely fictional and the writings in this blog are fictional. Some writes may be based around real places and real people but the stories are pieces of fiction and should not be taken literally.
As well,  the views and opinions expressed in this blog by the people in them do not come from a personal or private place and should again be viewed as apart of a story.


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