Enter the dream world

The television seems to be a
fantastic and wonderful window
into ideas, but I can’t find any
ideas coming through the portal.
It whispers to you and tells
you every things ok and but it
can lie to you.
It can take you by the hand and
walk you through wonderland and
tell you that you’re heaven.
But it’s not.

You will sit on your chair and
dream at the fantastic little
box in the corner and feel safe
from the outside world.
Images of perfect food you
can’t eat
posh clothes you can never wear
cars you will never drive.
The lie continues every time you
you enter that dream world and
let yourself become lost in
it’s fantasy.



This is fake blog and the character Ste Harris is entirely fictional and the writings in this blog are fictional. Some writes may be based around real places and real people but the stories are pieces of fiction and should not be taken literally.
As well,  the views and opinions expressed in this blog by the people in them do not come from a personal or private place and should again be viewed as apart of a story.


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