Sitting down one evening..

You can get home after a long day
and fall into the chair and turn
on the t.v and the only thing that
is real at that means anything
at that moment is the crappy chair
you’ve fallen into.

You woke up and put on your
you got in the car
you almost crash into a speeding
driver who cut you up and
you turn into the bitter driving
journalist you always thought
you could be and then you
get to work and spend the
next 8 hours thinking about
what you’re going to do when you

Then you leave as it starts to get
dark and get home and find that
chair and it’s yours
you own it
you are not going to get up for anybody
all those things you wanted to do
in life
like become a surgeon
a painter
a poet
a rock star
a world cup winning football play
disappear into the chair

And that’s real.
It’s the only thing that’s real.


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