You write a blog?

“you write a blog” a voice over my shoulder says “does anybody even read it, why bother with it, nobody is ever gonna take that thing seriously are they”.
I’m standing around my work desk with nothing to do so I’m writing blog ideas out when a costumer comes over to me and hovers over my shoulder to see what i’m writing and it’s nothing knew what he says, it’s something I’ve heard since starting a blog, I’ve even heard the same thing about writing the odd poem here and there what you writing? poetry? Why do that for?.
“Yeah, I write a blog, I like to write, it’s kinda the thing I want to do instead of working in a factory” I say to the costumer and he looks at me with eyes of confusion and a bright red face that’s not because of the cold outside “yeah but does anybody read it, seems abit of waste of time writing for the internet if nobody bothers to read it” he replies
“No, nobody reads It and I don’t care, if one person reads it, which the odd person does from time to time than that’s good enough for me, it’s a place I can put my writing on and if nobody reads i’m still going to carry on because I just like writing, do you need anyone to see you’re driving skills?”
“Well then it doesn’t matter, if you like it than keep doing it even if nobody see’s what you like to do, just keep doing it”.

I leave work later on with the thought of what the costumer said running through my head and I keep thinking about what he wanted to do when he was my age? What Ideas about his future did he have in his head while he was standing around a dusty factory? Maybe he wanted to be a pro footballer or a musician or even a writer himself.
I keep thinking why he didn’t chase one of those dreams he wanted and what he’s thinking now he’s having to drive around a van delivering paper to factories.
We can’t all make it and live out our dreams, we all get lost in the shuffle of the world of work. it would be amazing for that one phone call saying “here’s a magazine write whatever you want” or “bloggers wanted and we don’t care what you write about just write something by Friday” but that might not ever happen so i’m just going to write a silly blog of my own about random stuff that comes from my head and you never know one day that call or that email might come.
For now i’ll just continue rolling around with the machine and clock in at 6 every money and stand at my desk thinking about what the next idea might be. I think I might write about being yelled at by a jogger while riding my bike for not wearing a bloody helmet or I might write about the machine itself.


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