Pink Dress. 1.

Standing outside the nightclub at
5 in the morning, ears ringing from
the crappy music that played inside.

Surrounded by loud people, smoking,
laughing and talking about football
when a girl in a pink dress with dark
hair and big boobs and curvy thighs
walks up to me and lays a fat kiss
across my lips.

And I just go with it, why the fuck
not I thought, why the fuck not, as
she breaks my mouth and tongue

After a minute she stops, grabs my
hand and say lets follow your mates
and (taking off her pink shoes before we walk)
we make our way to the takeaway.

We stand outside this crappy old kebab
joint for more than five minutes, stroking
and mouth wrestling with each other.

My friends walk out the door and
I bid her farewell, she lays one more
on me and walks away blowing
me a kiss as she leaves.

I’ve been stroked in all places, I’m
giddy and happy and I will most
likely never see her again.
No name.
No number.
Just a girl in a pink dress and
really sore mouth.


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